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Legacy Family Center offers a range of services tailored to your specific needs and goals.  We begin by understanding the best place for you to start.  



Life has not always been kind. Sometimes it can feel like the deeper hurts, what you have hidden from others, have become such a big part of your world that there is no room to move on. These wounds and traumas have gone unresolved for too long. It is time to overcome.


Move Forward

Have you been making progress, but hitting an emotional wall? It's time to move forward. Let's knock down those walls together.


Live Abundantly

Are you on the plateau of hope and freedom? Congratulations! Let's develop your meaningful contribution to live abundantly. No longer held back from all that is intended for you.

Therapy & Counseling​

- Psychotherapy:

    * Children * Teens * Adults

- Family Therapy

    * Couples  * Family Systems

- Infant Mental Health

- Play Therapy




Teaching & Training

- Psychoeducational Groups

- Workshops for the non-profit                     & faith community   

Conciliation Services

​- Organizations

- Communication Difficulties

     *Groups  *Organizations  *Families


- Your Meaningful Contribution



- Strategic Planning

- Intervention Development

- Serving non-profit and faith-based                organizations

- Clinical supervision for licensure



- Trauma

- Grief & Loss

- PTSD & Dissociative Disorders

- Issues related to Attachment

- Family conflict

- Current or history of:

     *child abuse *sex trafficking

- Spiritual abuse


Articles & Resources

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