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Strengthening Families


What do our chldren want from us?  Consistency, structure, follow-through -- and active listening.  They may not put that into words, but you can see it in their behavior.


A strong foundation with your child is the springboard from which their values are formed.

Conflict & Communication

Words really do have meaning. 


Though the words we use don't always express our important thoughts and feelings.  Instead, especially in our most important relationships they often cover and protect our feelings with a wall of defense that can mislead and attack.

Changing Family Dynamics

Life's adjustments are often found on a bumpy road.  Move forward together without losing your emotional connections with each other.  Navigating the changes in your life can lead to rich, abundant family relationships.

Family Wounds

Violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, chaos and ongoing trauma may seem insurmountable.  Your family is beyond a single crisis.  You are in a multi-level emergency. 


Don't wait another moment.  Stabilize your family.  Let's work to heal the family wounds and move forward with strength.


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