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Working with you & your family


The decision to remain an out-of-network provider of services was a thoughtful process completed over weeks.  It was important to weigh as many facets of this issue as possible.


  • First, it was always an eventual outcome.  Legacy Family Center had terminated all other insurance panel participation in 2010.  However, it would not have been abrupt or without notification to you.


  • Insurance coverage for emotional/behavioral health care limits the types of allowable diagnosis, treatment options, types of therapy (e.g. couples or family therapy are often excluded) and number of allowable sessions. 


  • There have been specific situations throughout the years that once insurance refused to cover interventions that would better serve my clients I have absorbed the cost for these services rather than burden my clients. 


  • It is a far better use of planning time to increase knowledge, measure interventions options and implement new and creative processes instead of debating for months with an insurance carrier the importance of, for example, family therapy when working with a child.  There are examples of these obstacles for both children and adults; individual and family therapy over the years I have been in practice.


  • Even with the inclusion of the Affordable Care Act, clients are still stigmatized when attempting to acquire, for example, life or disability insurance.  A child may receive a diagnosis that follows him or her unnecessarily throughout their lifetime.


  • During the last few years deductibles have risen significantly, premiums have increased and insurance payouts have decreased.  Though mental/behavioral health services, are now mandated as coverage option, more and more clients are not benefiting from the benefits of their insurance carrier.







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